Fun things to do on a boat

Fun things to do on a boat - Kayak

If for you boat is also synonymous with exploration and a healthy dose of physical activity, read with us the sports that will accompany your boat holiday! Renting a sailboat with or without a skipper for your holidays is often synonymous with a totally relaxing holiday immersed in the sun and the sea. But this […]

Amazing Sailboat Food

amazing sailboat food

A style of nutrition that aims to combine our good health with respect for the planet and sustainability in an environment of relaxation and inner peace like on your boat holidays. In general terms, “Amazing Sailboat Food” is an attitude that links the knowledge we have of ourselves to meditation and a lifestyle that is […]

Holiday on a sailboat

Cohabitation on board during your holidays on a sailboat A holiday on a sailboat is relaxation, sport and adventure to discover enchanting places, but it is above all a new way of vacationing, original and never equal to itself. You live in complete freedom. During the day, in fact, the rhythms are not dictated by […]

Protecting yourself from the sun on a boat

The right equipment against the sun

There is nothing better during your sailing holiday than staying in complete relaxation enjoying the rays of the sun and getting a tan day after day that everyone will envy. As in all things, however, even with the sun’s rays you must not exceed and above all living on board for most of the day, […]

Best Sailing Holiday tips

A sailing holiday is a mix of sport, adventure, relaxation, contact with nature and the discovery of enchanting places with the possibility of living new experiences every day. It is enough to respect a few small rules and know a few simple basics to convince yourself that your next sailing holiday could be the top. […]

Sailing holidays in Syros

Sailing holidays in Syros

In the guides to the beautiful islands of Greece, we have shown you the natural wonders, archaeological sites, cities and towns of a vast heritage, spread over various archipelagos. From ancient ruins to Orthodox monasteries and churches, passing through an area full of charm and suggestion, with spectacular mountains and above all beautiful beaches. The […]

Sailing holiday on the Small Cyclades

Sailing holiday on the Small Cyclades

What to know before your sailing holiday on the Small Cyclades They are a group of small islands located just below the island of Naxos and between Amorgos, to the east, EIos, to the west. These are the islands (in order of size) of Iraklia, Keros, Donousa, Schoinoussa, Ano Koufonisi, Kato Koufonisi (together they form […]

Panama sailing holidays

Watching the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean and the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean? It can be done. But only in a magical place: Panama. Considered as the land of giant cigars, straw hats and the Canal, it is also the land of the wildest nature, an unspoiled place ideal for those who like to […]

Sailing holidays

Sailing holidays and free tourism More and more often we have the desire to be constantly on the move, to move from one place to another freely, independently. To have a thousand goals and desperately try to reach them, no matter how. What you need is to slow down the pace of your life, at […]

Cooking on a Boat

Cooking on a boat

The sea, as we know, makes you hungry and there is nothing more satisfying when you sail on a sailboat than cooking on board in complete freedom and preparing delicious recipes to share with the whole crew. On the boat you can cook everything, from freshly caught fish to grilled meat, not to mention first […]