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Las Perlas Islands Sailing Holidays

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The heart of the Gulf of Panama is almost literally like the inside of an oyster. There you will find Las Perlas Islands, a precious gem that is kept about 48 kilometers from the coasts of the Isthmus of Panama. There are about 39 islands and 100 islets that together make up the Las Perlas Archipelago, one of the world’s most precious and exclusive places.

You will feel renewed by the experience of immersing yourself in the waters of the island and the lifestyle that you see around you; so close and so achievable. Historically, Las Perlas Islands have always been the shining pearl of Panama, coveted by all who sail in this tropical marine wonderland. Since the 17th century, when the Spanish discovered the pearl-rich islands, many politically prominent and wealthy people and celebrities continue to keep these islands on the map as the favorite destination of the rich and famous.

When you are in Las Perlas Islands, it is not uncommon to meet film crews from various countries here in film program segments for TV shows of the “Survivor” genre.

Las Perlas Islands Sailing Holidays


The Pearl Islands are a chain of paradise islands just an hour and a half from the hustle and bustle of Panama City. Your journey to tranquility begins with a comfortable ferry ride on the passenger boat to the islands of the Contadora Islands archipelago, famous for its remote, clean crystal waters and white sand beaches.
The islands are so different from the city that they offer the perfect break for a “timeout” from a busy daily schedule.