New Year's Eve Special Event

This tour will only be available in these specific dates

From 11th December 2021 until 21th December 2021

From 26th December 2020 until 6th January 2022

Sailboat charter description

Who doesn’t dream of receiving the New Year in a tropical paradise?

The tranquility of the waves, the comfort of an excellent boat and the flavors of good food. We will sail in the San Blas archipelago, visiting the most beautiful islands in the world. A holiday suitable for everyone, families and children included.

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Tour Description

Day 1

Arrival in Panama and Accomodation

Arrival at Tocumen International Airport, Panama. Free evening to visit the city.

Day 2

Banedup Island

Transfer from hotel to San Blas Banedup Island

Day 3

Sarladup Island

Sailing to Sarladup Island, the one where was filmed the famous Netflix’s serie ”The House of Paper”

Day 4


We will continue sailing to another tropical paradise. Today we go to Cambodia, and you will be amazed by its beauty

Day 5

Green Island

With Green Island, we will have the opportunity to decide which island will earns the primacy of best beach in San Blas. Seeing is believing! Also this night, one more dream place, we will let ourselves be gently rocked and later in the cockpit, with a drop of rum, while watching the shooting stars. 

Coco Bandero

Day 6

Coco Bandero

Ready to sail! If EOLO is in a good mood with a nice fast sailing we sail to Coco Bandero, another postcard berth. Anyway, it’s a fact that wherever you look, your eyes sparkle. The horizon is dotted with groups of palm trees and dreamy landscapes, where the well-sheltered mooring and the colors of the sea mix with the blue of the sky.

BBQ Island Panama

Day 7

BBQ Island

We carry on with our Sailing Experience. We head to BBQ Island today. 

Cayos Holandeses

Day 8

Cayos Holandeses

The sail of the day is to Cayo Holandés east, with its crystal clear water and natural pools. Beware of starfish, there are plenty of them covering the seabed, they should never be pulled out of the water, either for few seconds, they could suddenly die.

Day 9

Miriadup Island

Relaxed wake up, breakfast in the cockpit and lots of dives! Everyone has the opportunity to do what they most like: swimming, fishing, reading, walking on the beach…

Day 10


One of the most famous island in San Blas. Stunning!

Day 11


We are now close to the end of our holiday. But we still need to see some tropical paradises…

Linton Marina Panamá

Day 12

Sadly, The end of the Experience

With the heart full of great memories, we will head back to Panama City..

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