Las perlas y playa blanca new tours

Playa Blanca - Venas Azules - Isla Grande

Day charter “Yacht Open”

Min. Group 10 p.
Max Group 18 p.

Price starting From 80$

Starting Points

Linton Bay Marina

Playa Escondida Marina

Daily tour Program 

Check-in: 9am

Check-out: 5pm

Vena Azules tour

Venas Azules

Starting from Linton Bay Marina or Playa Escondida Marina

A stop in nature, immersed in the mangroves and in relaxation, the splendid crystal clear waters of Venas Azules.  

Playa grande one day tour

Playa Blanca

Continuing to the spectacular playa Blanca with Bbq based on meat and fish and fresh drinks.

Isla Grande

In the afternoon visit to Isola Grande, passing through the tunnel of love and the splendid pirate bay of the past of Porto Lindo.

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